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Restoring our dining table

When we first bought our house, my mother shipped us "an antique expensive table" for us to use in our dining room. I was thrilled to have a table that would really make the room--it's 14x16 with a period fireplace--and I waited everyday for the shipment to arrive. When it came, I confess myself disappointed. It was large and wood, extremely intense-looking, but the table had tons of wood rot, splintering, and weak points. I couldn't entertain without a tablecloth, or my guests would get splinters. Of course, I couldn't tell my mother that the table she bragged about may have been nice at one time, but mishandling and no maintenance had all but ruined it.

Instead, the hubby decided to repair it.

The table, he told me, had been repaired once before. The wobbliness of the table was caused by poor reattachment of the apron and legs (they used nails right through the tabletop! O_o ), and the top had been planed to nearly half of its necessary thickness. It was made from oak. So J dismantled the table, filled the holes with wood filler, and redesigned how the table would fit together. Apparently, the table split down the center because the last person who tried to salvage the table did not account for expanding and contracting of wood. J solved this problem.

He separated the split pieces, planed them by hand, and then glued them back together. When the top was attached to the legs, he used "cleats" to ensure the table would no longer split. After removing all the rot, he rubbed some tung oil on the table and polyurethaned the legs. Here are some pictures:

The table is now worth keeping! It's almost restored to its former glory!

I think it worked out quite well. We have a few more projects that I haven't shared:

-temporary dining room floor (laminate)
-running data throughout the house (internet for all!)
-raised bed is full of 09 veggies!

I will post on haste!

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