chocolat_delux (chocolat_delux) wrote in atlanta_living,

Holiday Homemade Ornaments

Christmastime makes the domestic goddess in me sing! I've got stuffed dates for a holiday party we're going to tonight and Christmas cookie dough ready to go in the cookie press. But, to me, I can't think Christmas until we get that tree. This weekend is the weekend for buying it--woo! I'm envisioning a Douglass Fir--if we can get one down South--that's tall and relatively thin. Since we have tall ceilings, I'd like to make use of that.

Thanks to Martha Stewart, I've learned how to make the coolest Christmas ornaments for my tree. They're pretty, vintage-looking, and easy to make. I'll link to her instructions on her website.

I made a bunch of the Christmas card orbs from cards that looked more classic and I'm going to hang them with a combination of clear tree lights and popcorn "tinsel". I am also going to add some quilted ornaments too like these:

Anyone have any other good ideas for a homemade, vintage-styled tree? Maybe I should switch popcorn strings for cranberries?
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