chocolat_delux (chocolat_delux) wrote in atlanta_living,

Winter Baby Shower: Thumbelina-themed

My girlfriend is having her first baby--a girl--and asked me to plan her shower. We know the baby's a girl--and given her personality in the womb, her mom's personality, and all the women that'll influence her over time, we know she'll be so creative. I wanted her shower to reflect daintiness, classical taste, and ladylike qualities. Usually people go with princess themes or some other kind of fairy tale, but I wanted to do something more extraordinary. Thumbelina is the fairytale of a woman who wanted a child but was barren. She was blessed with a plant that grew a tiny little girl in the center of a flower. Through a wonderful adventure, the little girl, Thumbelina is introduced to a community of fairies and is married to the fairy prince.

My shower is built around growing things and tiny children. The tenderness of little Thumbelina. We're going to a tiny French bistro for brunch--petit fours and scones. Winter vegetables. We'll play baby games and fairytale games; I'm thinking guess the fairytale character and the traditional don't-say-baby game. I've made tiny gift bags filled with plant seeds for the guests to plant, along with instructions, so it will grow as the baby grows. Here's my initial bag decoration design:
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