chocolat_delux (chocolat_delux) wrote in atlanta_living,

Good Asian Markets?

I'm looking for some good grocers for my NYE party and I hoped people would have some suggestions. I can use for the majority of my needs, but I still have a few more obscure ingredients that I need--like Chinese chives and water chestnuts. I know I could always trot out to the Dekalb Farmers Market, but it's far and crowded. Anyone know any small local stores that would have what I need?

If you haven't tried, I insist you do! They deliver next day to the greater Atlanta area--and their goods are always fresh and on time. In most cases, I wake up and find I've already had a delivery. There is a five dollar convenience fee, but that's tiny for the time you save fighting at the store or going out in the middle of the night to prep for the week's meals.

I'll post about my dim sum NYE party later today!
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